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FUSION STEREOACTIVE Watersport Stereo - White - 010-01971-11
STEREOACTIVE Watersport Stereo - White

FUSION's STEREOACTIVE is the world's first purpose built watersport stereo. Designed and engineered in New Zealand by FUSION. The STEREOACTIVE is designed for the challenge of life on the water and tuned to deliver crystal clear audio that enchances any activity.

This isn't your standard Bluetooth speaker, this is a fully waterproof portable watersport stereo. Featuring a unique Puck-it Mount system that lets you attach the stereo to any paddle board, kayak, canoe, dinghy/tinny/jon boat or even Jacuzzi.

To keep your smartphone safe during your excursion, FUSION has created the ACTIVESAFE which will securely house any smartphone, a standard vehicle key and any loose cards or change.

Stream audio from any popular music service such as Pandora or Spotify from
a compatible A2DP Bluetooth enabled device. To protect your smartphone
from the water, simply lock it inside the ACTIVESAFE and control the audio from a compatible Garmin smartwatch via Ant.

USB & Emergency Charge
A waterproof cavity is designed to provide secure housing of a low profile
USB flash drive (MP3 playback) inside the STEREOACTIVE, allowing you to enjoy your favorite MP3 tracks while keeping the flash drive safe. If your smartphone is running low on power the USB port provides an emergency charge system (Dependent on STEREOACTIVE battery state).

Made for Apple and iPhone IAP2 lightening connector products

AOA 2.0 audio playback support for compatible Android phones over USB

FM/AM Radio
Keep up to date with current events or tune into your favorite hits with the
built-in FM/AM tuner. A sophisticated internal antenna enables clear reception and dedicated preset buttons have been allocated on the keypad for your favorite stations. Weatherband available in USA only. Supported regions: Japan, Australasia, Europe, USA.

12 Unique Voice Prompts
12 unique voice prompts provide audio feedback when you engage with the
STEREOACTIVE. As you cycle music sources, save presets, and even charge
the battery, you'll be kept informed. The STEREOACTIVE supports voice
prompts in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. To
change languages simply visit www.stereoactive.com to download the language update.

IPX7 Waterproof & Floats
Engineered to the IPx7 waterproof standard, the STEREOACTIVE will survive
submersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and come back singing.
Whether you choose to paddle the calm or tackle the waves, your stereo is
prepared for anything.

Large, Easy To Press Buttons
The scalloped design of the control buttons were designed with your paddle
in mind. Whether you're standing on your paddle board or rowing in your canoe, you can always adjust the entertainment with the tap of a paddle. The high grade rubber overmolded key pad is engineered to take a paddling.

Garmin VIRB®
A flat mounting surface has been positioned perfectly to allow for the
mounting of a Garmin VIRB or action camera, so you can record the good
times while you paddle to the music. Control the Garmin VIRB with the same smart watch used to control your STEREOACTIVE.

Directional Speakers
Designed to distribute the audio to you without disturbing others on the
water. The off axis correction of the polycarbonate grille works perfectly by directing the audio efficiently for crystal clear enjoyment. The powerful 10 watt speaker system boasts enough power to get you motivated on any kayak, paddle board or dinghy/tinny/jon boat.

Up To 20 Hours of Battery Life*
By enlisting a 1st tier battery supplier the high powered lithium ion battery built in to the STEREOACTIVE will keep the music playing for up to 20 hours.Charge technology allows you toget back to the fun within 3 hourswhether you?re charging in the car or a wall socket.

*Results may vary depending on listening volume and connecton type eg. BT-USB.

Puck-It Anywhere
The Puck-It is a FUISON designed mounting solution that allows you to securely fit a STEREOACTIVE or ACTIVESAFE to the surface of a paddle board, kayak, canoe, dinghy/tinny/jon boat and even a jacuzzi; leaving you to enjoy your music rather than worrying about losing your stereo to the depths below.

Take control of your paddle entertainment with FUSION's intuitive app
solutions, available for smartphone and smartwatch owners. Track your pulse and paddle stroke, and skip to your favorite song from a compatible Garmin smartwatch. Get in the zone to burn calories and set a personal best with FUSION-Link control directly from your wrist. Apple and Android smartphone users can enjoy Bluetooth app control with the free FUSION-Link app available for download from either app store. Tune and save FM pre-sets, navigate USB MP3 music tracks and keep an eye on the STEREOACTIVE's battery level directly from your smartphone.

Just like the STEREOACTIVE, the ACTIVESAFE is designed to float in the unlikely event that it is detached from the Puck-It Mount.

Large enough to store the iPhone 6s, plus a standard car key, your credit cards and loose change.

ACTIVESAFE floats with your valuables inside, as well as with STEREOACTIVE attached to it.

This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.