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Rupp Large Stainless Steel Bolt-less Swivel Rod Holder - 30° - CA-0122-SS

Large Stainless Steel Bolt-less Swivel Rod Holder - 30°

2020 IBEX Innovation Award Winner.  This patent-pending SWIVEL rod holder is a game changer!   Manufactured from investment cast stainless steel the innovative design combines the easy installation of a standard rod holder with the sleek look of a bolt-less rod holder. No special tools or fasteners are required.  This rod holder features a removable and replaceable top flange for easy customization, replacement, or re-polishing, as well as our patent-pending locking swivel feature that allows the rod holder to be used in either a fixed or 360° swivel configuration. Closed-end with threaded drain hole.  This is the last rod holder you will need on your boat...ever!

Revolvers are the combination of Rupp’s top-quality rod holder with a special Compression Bearing Socket that allows rods to swivel a full 360° - keeping rod tips aimed directly into the fight and placing pressure straight into the fish. The fishing line is protected from abrasion and wear due to chafing on the sides of rod guides. 

These larger diameter rod holders are available at 0° 15° & 30° angles. 

To be used with the Large Stainless Steel Backing Plates 10-1476-40

This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.