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Airmar DST810 Smart™ Multisensor 23kHz Bronze NMEA 2000® Transducer - N2K - DST810-BV-N2

DST810 Smart™ Multisensor 23kHz Bronze NMEA 2000® Transducer - N2K

Depth, Speed-Through-Water, Water Temperature, Boat Attitude! The DST810 Smart Multisensor, featuring the new Gen2 paddlewheel and AIRMAR's CAST™ app, delivers a powerful combination of best-in-class speed performance and a simple, reliable way to calibrate accurate speed using your wireless device. The Gen2 paddlewheel delivers industry-leading start-up speed-through-water data below 0.3 knots and is linear at 0.6 knots, maintaining accurate performance up to 45 knots.

The DST810 and CAST app provides a simple, consistent way to calibrate speed through the water. The free CAST app delivers calibration options that, until now, were only available through expensive PC-based software. In addition to water temperature, depth, and upgraded 5.7 Hz (5X per second) speed-through-water output with improved speed resolution, the DST810 features an integrated attitude sensor for heel and trim data. This information, combined with Airmar’s powerful and simple CAST app, makes heel-compensated speed calibration across multiple heel angles and speed ranges fast and intuitive, and is independent of the onboard instruments.


  • Smoother Speed – 5.7 Hz speed output (5X per second) for visibly smoother speed-through-water reporting and faster data for better decision-making when every second counts.
  • Integrated Attitude Sensor – for heel and trim and used in advanced speed calibration.
  • Wireless connectivity to AIRMAR's CAST app has new user-friendly benefits:
    • Calibrate the DST810 in a simple, intuitive way from your mobile device.
    • Conduct basic and advanced heel-compensated speed calibrations for improved speed-through-water outputs across the speed range.
    • Advanced speed calibration allows for manual speed entries for multiple heel angles and up to 10 speeds, formerly only possible through expensive PC software.
    • Ultra-responsive speed begins as low as 0.3 knots and becomes linear at 0.6 knots.
    • Speed-through-water readings stay accurate and smooth through 45 knots.