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DS18 HYDRO Nano Marine Monoblock Amplifier - 700 Watts - NXL-N1

HYDRO Nano Marine Monoblock Amplifier - 700 Watts

Whether you are the type of audio enthusiast that likes to hit the open road on his bike, ride the rough trails on your side by side, or cruise the open waters, you are going to need a powerful and waterproof rated  amp that has a small footprint and also make great power. 

DS18 has a line just for the job with the NXL series of amplifiers to power your whole system. This Monoblock amplifier helps you accommodate for all your different speaker setups without having to look further. Being a full range amps, these can be run on subs, mids, or tweeters because of the internal design of the amp. 

All units have stable and reliable 4-layer PCB layouts, IPX67 rated for power sports, has an ultra-compact size for easy installation, and has audio precision quality control verification.

Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Channels - 1
  • Frequency Response - 20 - 500Kz
  • 2 Ohm RMS Power Per Channel - 230W
  • 4 Ohm RMS Power Per Channel - 140W
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 90dB
  • IPX67 Rated