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DS18 Zumba LOUD 15" Powered Loudspeaker System - 1000 Watts - ZL-15M

Zumba LOUD 15" Powered Loudspeaker System - 1000 Watts

The ZUMBA LOUD™ series standalone DS18 powered speakers have been designed to produce impressive bass response and full range sound to any space where loud and clear music is needed. With the ZUMBA LOUD™ series of PA speakers, the music can literally be felt pounding through the room. 

These internally powered mega blasters are available in a staggering 500w-1000w max power rating depending on which model best fits your needs. The power, bass, crossover settings are conveniently located on the rear panel to help you tune to the perfect sound and feel the rhythm you and your Zumba® students crave. With Bluetooth connectivity, LCD displays, USB card slots, and mic jacks, we designed these Zumba® loudspeakers to make it easy to get the music you love beating through the room.

Specifications - System:

  • Model:    ZL15M
  • Type:    Self Powered Loudspeaker
  • Size:    15"
  • SPL Sensitivity     98dB
  • Maximum SPL Output    130 dB
  • Frequency Response (-10dB)    40Hz - 20KHz
  • Frequency Response (-3dB)    50Hz-19kHz

Specifications Amplifier:     

  • System Power Rating    250W Continuous(RMS)(200w LF +50W HF)500W MUSIC PROFRAM (400W LF + 100W HF) 1000 PEAK 
  • Type:    Class A/B Toshiba 
  • Input Impedance     20k
  • Line Input Gain    Infinity to +4 dBu
  • MIC input Gain    infinity to +6 dBU
  • Maximum Input Level    4dBu / Mic - 20 dBu
  • Equalizer    3 Band Graphic
  • Connectors    2 x XLR- 1/4" Combo Inputs;Mic/Line Selector 1 x XRL Mixed Output
  • MP3 Player    USB Mp3/WMA ,Bluetooth v4.2 With TWS (True Wirless Stereo)
  • LED Indicators     Front Power LED, Rear Power LED(Blue) Rear Clip (RED)
  • Cooling     Passive
  • AC Power Input    100-120VAC 50/60Hz;230-240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • AC Power Consumption (120-v)    Full power - 3.5A ( Max)

Specifications - Speaker:     

  • LF Driver     1 PRO-Z12 (15") woofer with 2.5" voice coil,pure copper wire coil,43oz ferrite magnet, paper cone
  • HF Driver    1x  PRO-DR1.75(1") HORN 24 OZ FERRITE MAGNET,Titanium Diaphragm,1.75" Kapton 2 Layer Voice Coil And Ferrofluid 
  • Coverage Pattern     90 x 60 Degrees 
  • Crossover Frequency    2 kHz

Specifications - Enclosure:     

  • Material    Polyproylene, Black
  • Monitor Angle    Both sides
  • Suspension/Mounting     35mm Pole Socket ,3 X M8 Suspension points
  • Dimensions  (L x W X H)    15.3" x 18.1" x 27.1"
  • Weight     26kg / 59LB

*Sold as an Individual